Friday, October 10, 2014

Slight change of plans

Yesterday I was planning on posting a cute post with photos from our dinner at Chipotle, photos of my cute niece & nephews, and my new haircut. Well towards the end of my sister doing my hair, out of nowhere my nephew started laying on the floor saying his stomach hurt. Less than 5 minutes later, throw up everywhere. :( Felt terrible for the poor guy. He was so sad & cried. I think it really hurt his throat. My mom, sister, and I sprang into action. My brother in law tossed him in the tub and I helped clean up. After a bath, they laid him down. He said he was feeling better, but you could tell he was worn out. The poor guy. Unfortunately my sister said he was up most of the night throwing up.
Thankfully he’s starting to feel better. I hate seeing little ones sick! 

Dinner at Chipotle

Baby Trevor

Big brother in the background before he got sick :(

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