Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Current Favorite Blogs

Here are some of my current favorite blogs:

Who doesn’t love Elise & Emma?! They have the best team & seem to really like working together. I secretly dream to build a company with my sister too. :) 

I love Ashley Ann’s photos and approach to photography. I also really admire her family’s approach to life. I’d describe them as a family who lives with their hands open. Open to give, open to receive. 

Caitlin is so funny & I love her blog! I really admire all the running & triathlons she does. I used her swimming tips to get started swimming. It was so helpful. I love the mix of family, food, Beautiful Notes, and health posts she does. 

When I think of Joy, I think of her adorable family. Joy, Bob, Ruby, & baby on the way. The love they have for each either is so evident. The genuine smiles, adorable photos, & sweet stories are some of my favorite. It’s so sweet to see a couple really love each other. 

I haven’t been reading Laura’s blog for long, but I love it. I love the glimpses into her family & her insight. Her writing is so good. I also really admire the way she talks about her husband. They really support each other. 

One of my top 3 blogs for sure. Joanna has some of the most interesting and diverse topics on her blog. From fashion, to motherhood, to food, and celebrities. I really love her writing. And she links to some of the best finds on the internet! 

Kristen’s blog is so diverse and covers so many topics. Again, one of my very favorites. Her posts are well written, smart, and always get me thinking & viewing things differently. Her family is adorable & I love her honesty.

Ashley is an incredibly gifted writer. Her story is incredible & inspiring. Her family is currently living at the Hemlock Inn in North Carolina for at least a year. The journey is so fun to follow along. She’s working on writing a book and I know it's going to be great. 

What are some of your favorite blogs right now?

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