Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Every few of months I suffer from a couple days of pretty terrible anxiety. The littlest thing will cause me to be anxious and I’ll immediately go to the worst case scenario. It throws me for a loop and makes it difficult to focus on simple daily tasks. When I go through this spells I feel sick, I often don’t sleep well, and cry very easily. I know a lot of it stems from my brother passing away from cancer & the lack of control. Luckily I have a great support system. Alvaro is always there encouraging & supporting me. Staying up with my when I can't sleep & praying for me. I group text my family asking for prayer. I pray a lot & remind myself of the reality, the facts. A few days after it passes, I look back and try to think of how I could have handled that better. What could I have done better/different to help avoid the anxiety in the first place. Stress is normal, but anxiety and worry disrupting my life is not. I found the print below on etsy and thought it was a great reminder. I might need to buy it & put it in our house. 

Via DaughterZionDesigns on Etsy
How do you handle anxiety & stress? Have you read any books that have helped you manage it? 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Exploring :: Minto Brown Park

Today Alvaro & I explored Minto Brown Park looking for some samples for his biology class. We had to hurry towards the end cause a huge wind storm was coming in. We even saw some branches break off trees across the park! Luckily Al snapped some great pictures of our adventure. I love living in the Pacific Northwest! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Night

Friday nights at the coffee shop with Alvaro are my favorite thing. 

How do you like to spend your Friday night? 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

One Day 2014

Yesterday I participated in One Day on Instagram hosted by Laura at Hollywood Housewife. It’s about documenting your day and those mundane moments that we don’t usually capture & share. Yesterday was nothing like a normal day, ha! But I think that’s the great thing about it. I have memories attached to that day & now some photos to remember it. I really enjoyed doing it and am planning on doing it again next year. Did you play along as well? If so, comment below and I’d love to check out your photos :) 

Early start to the day! I did press snooze a couple times :) 

Coffee :: Essential

Alvaro makes our breakfast almost everyday while I'm running around getting late. 
Eggs & avocado are what we usually have. 

My work desk! I LOVE my job! 

Lunch in my favorite spot at work. I have a salad for lunch every single day. 

This little family of deer greeted me at my parents house. 

Steak! Dinner with my parents & steak is a total treat! 

Spent the evening at my parents house & watched Survivor with my dad. 
We used to watch it every week when I lived at home. I love him. 

After reading a few pages of this book, I was out for the night! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Petite Winter Coats

I’ve had the hardest time finding a nice petite coat in stores for this upcoming winter/rainy season. I decided to try some online shopping and found the items below from Nordstrom's website. I’m currently loving the first mini trench in red. 

Ellen Tracy Belted Mini Trench $99 on sale

Betsey Johnson Leopard Piped Trench $132.66 on sale

DKNY Double Breasted Trench Coat $210

Ellen Tracy Stand Collar Wool Blend Coat $146.06 on sale 


Do you have a favorite winter coat? If so, where’d you get it?  :) 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Day with Alvaro at OSU

Last week I went with Alvaro to OSU for the day. It was really fun to spend the day together & get to see the campus. It’s so big compared to where I went to college. And the classes are held in auditoriums! Auditoriums with like 300 students. Totally nuts! I explored campus & the library while he was in class. We had lunch & I went with him to his Biology class. In an auditorium.

On the way home we stopped at Hobby Lobby in Albany. It was the first time I’ve been there. So many cute & trendy items! Can’t wait to go back with a little spending money :) 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Favorite Paleo Cookbooks

When my doctor recommended we switch our diet to a Paleo style diet I felt totally overwhelmed. She also suggested cutting out all processed sugar, gluten, and diary. Eating lean proteins, natural fats, and lots of fruits & vegetables.

I walked out of the office nervous and unsure what that would look like for us. Alvaro assured me that we’d make the changes together & we’d be successful. I’d always had a major sweet tooth & we both enjoyed our weekly pizza date. But I knew that we could do it together as a team. That night Al suggested we go to Powell’s on Saturday and pick up a couple Paleo cookbooks. 

The first book we grabbed, was Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle  Tam & her husband Henry Fong. I’d come across Michelle’s blog before and really appreciated her approach to Paleo. Eating as much whole food as possible, but not being super strict to the rules all the time. During those first few weeks of getting an idea of what Paleo would look like for us, this book was such an incredible help. Also the recipes are so good! The Green Chicken & Madras Chicken Salad are some of our favorites! 

Buy from Amazon
A couple weeks after that I snagged Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo off Amazon. This cookbook is incredible! The first half of the book explains what Paleo is and some common ailments that improve from switching to this type of diet. Diane also created several meal plans to help with those ailments. It’s really great. Another thing I like about this cookbook is that it really is practical. The recipes and ingredients are simple & easy to make. Being new to Paleo it has really helped us stay on track and plan each meal. The Chicken Wings & Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken are on the menu almost weekly. So good! 

Buy it from Amazon

I’d followed Danielle Walker’s blog, Against All Grain, for a little while and even borrowed her first cookbook from the library to check out some of her recipes. When I saw that she was coming to Portland for a book signing, I knew I had to go & get her new book; Against All Grain, Meals Made Simple. The recipes are simple and easy to make. At her book signing she said that her goal with this book was to help those beginning this style of eating (Paleo, grain free, and dairy free) and also create classic meals that fit into that category. The Chicken & Rice (cauliflower rice) casserole is so so good! Also love her Ginger & Broccoli chicken.  I’m really excited to try some of her baking recipes because most of the Paleo dessert recipes include dairy. With the holidays coming up it’ll be the perfect time to do some baking experiments :) 

Buy it from Amazon
Do you have a favorite cookbook or cooking blog? Share in the comments below & I’d love to check them out!