Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow Days!

A couple weekends ago we got some snow, a lot of snow! I work at an orthopedic clinic and they actually closed the clinic for Friday. That never happens! Needless to say I was over the moon excited to have an extra day off to hang out with Alvaro. 

The university was closed too, so we got to hang out around Salem. Luckily my Volvo does amazing in the snow! We headed out several times for groceries, snacks, and emergency trips to the coffee shop. It was fun to see all the photos and videos on Facebook & Instagram of everyone enjoying the snow or getting cabin fever. By Sunday our foot of snow had turned to ice and mostly everything was shut down. Luckily we found one coffee shop where only 2 employees were able to make it in! They were open for a few hours and packed!! 

Overall it was a great snow weekend! Alvaro and I hung out, I finished the book that had been taking forever to finish, continued planning our vacation, and drank lots and lots of coffee(!!!). I don’t think everyone in the Portland/Salem/Eugene area would agree with me, but I’d love to have snow days more often! 

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