Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Upcoming Run - Whidbey Island Half-Marathon

At the end of last year we signed up for the upcoming Whidbey Island Half-Marathon. Alvaro’s Aunt invited us to go with her. We ran through Whidbey during the Ragnar Relay in July and are excited to head back. The town is adorable and we’ll probably go up a day early and spend a day in our favorite city {Seattle} on the way back. 

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After we signed up we realized it’s kind of a hilly course... A little nervous since this will be my first half in a very long time. 

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But I think the excitement and new adventure will be worth it!  Last week was my first real week training for it. I stuck to my schedule and I fell good. I’ve been using the Smart Coach on the Runner’s World website. I love it! Love how it takes the guess work out of it. 

Can’t wait!

If you have any training tips {especially for hills!} please share! 

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