Sunday, March 1, 2015

Capture Real Life in 52 weeks. Week one :: Day/night

I'm pretty exited about the recent online class I purchased from the team over at A Beautiful Mess. From the class description "In Capture Real Life in 52 Weeks you will be given specific photography challenges and tips you can use throughout the year to document life as it happens around you." 
I'm really excited to build my photography and editing skills. Also it'll be so great to have a full year documented, something I've never had! 

Week one challenge :: day/night
Alvaro & I have breakfast together each morning. It’s usually something pretty quick that includes eggs. Our coffees are usually poured straight into to-go thermoses as we run out the door. However, on the weekends we love drinking out of one of our MANY Starbucks coffee cups :) 

NPR helps us get up to speed with the latest news every morning. 

Night photos coming soon! 

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