Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Alvaro's Birthday

Last monday, November 3rd, was Alvaro’s birthday. Between a Biology midterm on Monday & Al getting rear ended on Tuesday :( the week didn’t feel very celebratory.  However when Al came to pick me up Friday from work, I had a plan in the making. Dinner & shopping in Bridgeport. Honestly, it didn’t take much to convince Al to go along with my idea. After a quick stop on the house we were heading to Bridgeport Village. 

After we got our name on the list for PF Chang's we went over to the Apple Store to do a little shopping. Alvaro had been doing some research on an iPad and really wanted to get one to help with his studies and take to class. We walked out with a brand new iPad Air 2 for him! So excited for him. The iPad we had before that was the first version they came out with! It was over twice the weight of the new one which we could no longer update since Apple is no longer supporting that operating system, ha. 

We ran over to PF Chang’s and had a wonderful dinner together. I think the best part was that neither of us took out our phones or even thought about them (no photos). We just really enjoyed each other. I have a bad habit of being anxious and always trying to stick to a schedule, but I didn’t even think about it. I just wanted to celebrate my husband & his birthday. I love him so much. I think even though it was simple, it’ll be a birthday we’ll always remember. 

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