Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stepping back

For about the last 8 years I’ve planned, organized, and taught children's church to the most adorable 3, 4, and 5 years. As of October 1st I am no longer overseeing the preschool program at my church. We sang songs, learned about Jesus, made crafts, and played lots of games. 

About 6 months ago Alvaro & I started to pray and see if it was time I step down from this position. I felt in my heart that it was someone else’s turn to step in and bring new life into the program. Make it their own and improve it. It was a really tough decision and we prayed about it a lot. 

I love those kids. I’ve watched so many of them start as little timid 3 year olds who couldn’t sit still to my big 5 year old helpers & class leaders. I’ve prayed with them when they told me their family isn’t together anymore & celebrated milestones with them. I love them & I’m going to miss them so much. Their sweet faces and smiles and hugs. 

I’m looking forward to serving the church in a different way & being able to attend church services with Alvaro. But at this moment I’m sad about not bending down each Sunday to greet those smiling faces & being called teacher Cathy. 

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