Saturday, October 18, 2014

Grateful :: Soccer Games

Today Alvaro & I went out to watch our nephew, Tyler, at his soccer game. It was the last one of the season and I’m so glad we went! I believe all the players are 4 years old so it involves a lot of running, tripping, and dog piling. But I think they had a pretty good time. 
After we left I posted a picture of Tyler with his medal to Instagram. I realized at that moment how lucky I am to live in the same town as all of my family and be able to go to events like that. I know a lot of people who have nieces & nephews that live in other cities or states and rarely get to see them. How blessed am I! I love being in their lives & having them in mine. 

My goal is to be more grateful for those opportunities and continue to love & encourage them as they grow. 

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