Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Four weeks!

Monday marked four weeks on our new clean paleo-style eating plan. No gluten, no dairy, lots of lean meats, & organic fruits and vegetables. It’s crazy for me to think that for four weeks we’ve made every single meal at home. We’ve never done that before! We made it through cake filled birthday parties, festivals w/elephant ears (my favorite!), family BBQs, sweet treats at work, and even free coffees from customers. 

I think we’re really starting to get the hang of it! Planning ahead & packing snacks if we know we’re going to be gone during a time we’d normally eat. We’re also feeling great! We’re both sleeping better & have lots more energy. 

There is no way I could have been this successful without Alvaro. I’ve asked him several times if I could have just one cookie or a little gluten. He’s helped keep me on track! He’s done the same diet as me and has encouraged me the whole time. When I’ve felt stressed or discouraged, he’s stepped in and helped to cook or prep things. He’s bought me books & researched things with me. I feel truly blessed to have him as my best friend! 

We’re off on our first weekend getaway since transitioning to this new eating plan on Friday. I’m excited & I think we’re going to be successful and have a great time! 

Happy labor day weekend! 

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