Friday, October 3, 2014

Marriage is my favorite

Being married truly is my very favorite thing. I love getting to spend my life & days with my very favorite person. Every day I can’t wait to go home & spend time with Alvaro. 

A friend of my got married last weekend & I couldn’t have been more excited for her. I congratulated them on Facebook & told her that marriage is my favorite thing. There is something so special about being married & sharing a life with someone. 

Alvaro & I dated for about 7 years before we got married. But when we got married it changed things. Brought us closer and we really truly became a team, a family. We both know that no matter what happens, we’re in this together. I’ve got his back & he’s got mine. There is such a comfort & a security that comes with that. 

My mom has always told us stories about how fun it was when her & my dad first got married. How it felt like playing house and they would laugh and laugh for hours together. I can’t wait to share those stories with our kids. No one can make me laugh like Alvaro. 

The years my brother was sick were the hardest years of my life. I can’t imagine going through them without Alvaro. And when the bad days & moments come, he’s there for me. He remembers the pain & is the most supportive husband. I can’t believe I got so lucky with him. Being married to him really is my favorite thing. 

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