Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Quick review of 2013

2013 was a good year. Midway through the year Alvaro suggested 2013 be the year of prepping and 2014 be the year of doing. We have some big plans & adventures for 2014 so I loved this idea!

One of the biggest things that changed our life was going through Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. Such a great thing for us and really set us up right with our finances. We also spent a lot more time together just the two of us. Made some new holiday traditions & grew closer. Love doing life with my best friend.

Here are some other big things that happened:
Parents ::: My mom some how convinced my city loving dad to move to the country. 9 acres and they have goats! They love it and are so happy. We've already made some good memories there!
Sister & family ::: My sister and her family moved into a new beautiful home. They also welcomed their new little boy Trevor into the family. He's a cutie & stole our hearts from the beginning.
Brother ::: My brother continues to be an incredible father to his 2 little girls. He's doing so good & continues to be one of my favorite people to spend time with.
Littles ::: Some how my nieces and nephews continue to get cuter and more fun to spend time with. I love them so much and they bring such a joy to our family.

Looking back I have some great memories. Alvaro and I doing our first u-cut christmas tree. Playing spoons with the whole family (siblings, brothers-in-law, and parents) till the spoons were broken and the kids were begging to go home and go to bed. Laughing with Alvaro about all the funny jokes and things we say.

My heart healed a little, but I still miss David terribly. I think about him often and wish he was here with us. I'm praying in 2014 I will keep healing and be able to help others who are grieving as ell.

Alvaro & I are heading out to try and see some whales at the beach! I've never seen any so I'm really excited! Fingers crossed we get lucky.

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